Spacescape’s partner in New York

23 November 2011

We at Spacescape have for a long time been impressed with the organization Project for Public Spaces (PPS) in New York, that works with place making on grassroots level in Manhattan and in many cities around the world.

PPS has among other things, been a part of the redevelopment of Times Square where a new place has been created by removing parts of the car traffic. We can see that PPS methods can add to our analythical service. In the end of October Spacescape were in New York for a course in Place Making, which gave us a lot of knowledge and inspiration about how to manage place based urban development. PPS is now a formal parner to Spacescape and we have already started collaborations in our urban life analysis for Gothenburg and Stockholm City


A lot of interesting things are going on in New York right now. Here are some useful links.

The story of Times Square and PPS’ contribution

On Pop-Up cafés och and a film about it

Nice film abut sidewalk managment