City Measures Report

This report is a summary of the knowledge and models we work with at Spacescape. The focus is on the urban environment, both public and private spaces. In our work on urban development, we notice that there is a great need for concrete tools to ensure the quality of the urban form. By compiling research-based measures and guidelines for city spaces, we hope to contribute to a more knowledge-based urban development and a better urban development.

Many of the maps come from a research and investigation project that we had to implement for the City of Bergen in Norway in 2015. In the project, we compared Bergen with other cities in the Nordic region based on a variety of variables that affect how we use and experience us from our cities.

The report is divided into four themes: public open spaces, street spaces, private open spaces and built form. For each theme, a number of measures, guidelines and analytical methods are presented, either developed within the research or well-proven in urban construction practice. The measurements are then used to analyze one or more Nordic cities. Based on the background in internship and research, as well as urban analyzes, examples of recommendations for how the urban environment can be designed are proposed.

Our methods develop and change constantly, in close contact with the latest urban research and urban planning practice in which we operate every day. We look forward to doing this knowledge development along with everyone who works in building and planning and you who are reading this report.