Urban Research & Design

Stockholm can build 140 000 new homes

Spacescape analysed the potential for new housing for the city of Stockholm, and co-created the new development goal.

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Urban plans for Gothenburg

Spacescape analysed the current plans for the River City development area, and identified development potential as well as new street connections.

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Oslo approves new bicycle strategy

Together with the city of Oslo Spacescape developed the new bicycle strategy that aims to increase the bike share from 8 % to 16 % until 2025.

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City Measures

This report is a summary of the knowledge and models we work with at Spacescape. The focus is on the urban environment, both public and private spaces.

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What we do

Why is one place more attractive than another? What changes pedestrian movement through the city? How will plans actually work?

The starting point for our work is the relation between urban form and urban life. We use research based tools and measures to analyse and shape urban form, from places and districts to entire regions.

Urban design Urban design
Urban building analysis Urban building analysis
Regional planning Regional planning
Traffic planning Traffic planning
Green planning Green planning
Real estate development Real estate development
Placemaking Placemaking
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Research Research

Our Team

Alexander Ståhle
Partner and PhD in Urban Design
Tobias Nordström
Partner and Urban Planner
Helena Lundin Kleberg
Partner and Architect SAR/MSA
Joel Hernbäck
Partner and Urban Planner
Malin Dahlhielm
Partner and Architect
Karin Lobo Lundgren
Partner and Urban Planner
Moa Rydell
Louise Karlsson
Selma Sinanovic Gabrallah
Vera Esaiasson
Urban planner