Spacescape planner supporting big UN Habitat project

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During the fall of 2018, Joel Hernbäck will take a temporary  leave from Spacescape in order to work for UN-Habitat. Joel will be stationed at the Research and Capacity Development Branch in the UN-headquarters in Nairobi working with  The UN-Habitat’s City Prosperity Initiative(CPI). The City Prosperity Initiative is a global initiative that provides an innovative approach to urban measurements, which aim is to identify opportunities and potential areas of intervention for cities to become more prosperous.

Within the framework of the CPI Joel will be responsible for the production of The Spatial Capital Report of the Chinese City of Wuhan, in which the linkages between the spatial measurements of the CPI and different dimensions of  urban prosperity is analysed. In addition to offering decision-makers in Wuhan conditions to formulate adequate policies based on good data, information and knowledge, the project also aims to develop the capacity of ‘Wuhan Land Use and Spatial Planning Research Center’ to apply the approach as a tool for urban development in the future.

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